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An Open Letter to Someone who Inspires Me

I’ve heard it time and time again, “God puts people in your life for a reason”. It’s a common theme, people say it all the time.. but this is something I truly believe when it comes to you and I think you need to know how big of an inspiration you really are to me.

It hasn’t been until recently that our friendship truly began, but even before, you still inspired me. Throughout your trial and tribulations, you are still able to live your life. You wake up every morning, you are the best Mom, wife and friend. You listen to me when I’m having a rough day. You understand. You share. You pray. You believe in Him. You hold my hand. You teach me. You’ve let me into your family and for that I am grateful. I am so blessed to know your children and watch as you raise them with a good head on their shoulders.

Some days, if it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t know where I would be right now. I don’t always share or talk about my feelings, but knowing your story and your family has helped me to believe that good can come out of the bad. I look up to you. You’ve believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself and for that I am grateful.

You have done so many things for me that I wish I could even begin to return the favor. I just don’t know I would start. I could probably start by telling you all this in person and showing you how much I truly appreciate you – but that wouldn’t be enough to truly say thank you.

So thank you, thank you for never being scared to share your story. Thank you for holding my hand when times are rough. Thank you for being a blessing in my life. But, lastly, thank you for believing in me.

Hugs and highfives,


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