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So, I finally did it!

Did what you say?

I’ve officially put together and honestly, it’s about time! I’ve always kept a blog of some sorts, a place to ramble on with the thoughts inside my head but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to make things a little more official and I couldn’t be happier that I did! The only thing I regret is not doing it sooner.

A huge shout out goes to Corey for helping me getting things up and running, the few people who had to deal with me and helping me make decisions (I’m looking at you Stephanie, Jen and Talitha) and for Danna Victoria on the logo!

The finished product couldn’t come at a better time either. I’ve been struggling through a lot of different things mentally and emotionally for quite sometime now (honestly it’s a struggle that comes and goes for me). Last night I had been brought down to the level of frustration that I was in tears. Some days I just think about things far too much and tend to compare. Some days I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything since graduating high school or college and I honestly, I know that I shouldn’t feel that way because I have accomplished things (even if they are small).

I got a kick in my booty last night when someone wise told me (in response to feeling like I haven’t accomplished anything): “You are right, you have accomplished a lot and bust your booty too! Don’t be hard on yourself! How many people do you know that work two jobs and go to the gym at 11:30 at night? I only know ONE.”

So here’s my reminder to everyone:
When you feel like you are struggling and haven’t accomplished anything – be sure that you aren’t comparing your accomplishments to anyone else’s. Why? Because your accomplishments are just that, they are YOUR accomplishments and they are meant for you. No matter what you should do, you should be happy and excited for anything that you set your mind and goals to when you successfully complete them.

So, here I am happy and excited that www.kathleenkubiak is now live! I love writing and I love blogging, so I’m excited to be able to customize it all.

Hugs and Highfives,



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